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Fines of more than $2.1 million have been levied on 11 tobacco black marketeers after they were found guilty in Quebec Court, with one of those convicted facing a fine of $1 million payable to Revenu Québec.

In total, fines of $2,139,467 were imposed on the 11 men, two of whom also face jail time.

Revenu Québec said Monday that the men were found guilty of having sold, delivered, transported or otherwise had in their possession contraband tobacco headed for the retail market. The cigarettes were deemed contraband because they were not packaged in conformity with Revenu Québec regulations, nor were those convicted registered with Revenu Québec or in possession of permits allowing them to sell tobacco products.

The heaviest sentence was handed to Serge Rolland of Drummondville, who was slapped with a $1-million fine and a 45-day jail term.

During the investigation by the Sûreté du Québec, raids were carried out at Rolland’s home and in two vehicles and garages belonging to him. At least 27,000 cigarettes were seized, and evidence collected showed Rolland had sold more than 7.28 million contraband cigarettes between 2016 and 2018.

Another of those convicted, Marc Simard of Chicoutimi, was fined $174,136 and sentenced to nine months in jail.

Raids carried out on two vehicles belonging to Simard, who is described as a repeat offender, yielded 112,800 cigarettes.

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